The Revolutionary New
Medication Management System

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  • Apple Health Integration: Sync with the Apple health app and Research Kit app to share data about the user, medication adherence and vitals.
  • Profile/My Meds: Patient information includes height, weight, age, gender, allergies, and BMI, as well as a total list of medication you are tracking with an option of having them marked as active or inactive.
  • Drug info: The RX Cap System links to a database of all FDA approved medications, different pill sizes, drug overviews, recommended dosages, adverse reactions, and common side effects.
  • Pill Schedule and adherence history: View all upcoming doses for the rest of the day and track adherence percentages by week in graph form. Keep all your information intelligently organized.
  • Multiple Cap Support: App syncs with cap clock and assigns alarms.
  • Bottle Finder: The smart cap link locator feature helps users find their pill bottle if lost or misplaced.
  • Locate Pharmacy: Search for a pharmacy in your area.
  • Pill identifier: Input the letters on the side of the pill to identify the medication.
  • Secure Server: The data can be shared with pharmacy or EMR databases and uploaded to a secure server.

The Rx Cap by Gotality helps patients and caregivers adhere to their medication schedule

The Rx Cap is a Universal Bluetooth Smart Cap that fits on standard Pill bottles

  • Includes an integrated scale to measure variance before and after the bottle is opened.
  • Communicates with the app to notify user when medications are due via alerts and mobile notifications/alarms.
  • Stores data locally on the smart device, which can be shared with pharmacies, doctors, and care-givers. Data can also be saved to a secure server.
  • Shares real-time data with user and syncs with pharmacy databases and EMR databases to give doctors better visibility to adherence.
  • The app supports multiple caps.
Keep track of all active and inactive prescriptions and set up alerts and notifications
View and track adherence percentages by week in graph form
Search for a pharmacy in your area and the best place to refill medication
The smart cap link locator feature helps users find their pill bottle if lost or misplaced