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Tracking Your Heart Rate is Easy: Use Heart Rate Monitors for iPhone® and iPod touch®!

Keeping track of your heart rate during exercise isn't just important, it's easy too! A heart rate monitor for iPhone® and iPod touch® will help you stay within your target heart rate; and this not only helps you feel better, but it will also help you look better. First, look at the benefits of keeping track of your heart rate:

Make it Easy with Heart Rate Monitors for iPhone® and iPod touch®

Knowing your target heart rate is useless information unless you're able to track it throughout your workout. And it's important to track it regularly to make sure that you're staying within the appropriate range. And although some think that taking your pulse is the only way to track your heart rate during exercise, heart rate monitors for iPhone® and iPod touch® have many benefits over this traditional method:

Keeping track of your target heart rate is important while you're working out; but you have a lot more to focus on during your workout than your heart rate, too. That's why heart rate monitors for iPhone® and iPod touch® are such great options! Slip it on, slip on your ear clip along with your headphones, and you're set! You'll soon find that you've never had a better workout than the one you'll have with a heart rate monitor for the iPhone® and iPod touch®.

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App Features
  • Monitor your heart rate as you exercise for maximum effectiveness
  • Keep in the right heart rate zone for your fitness program
  • Your personal fitness instructor tells you when to slow down, and when to push that bit harder
  • Create personalized exercise programs specifically for your needs and goals
  • Track your run with the GPS mapping and pedometer functions
  • Listen to your music as you work out
  • Monitor your body stats over time to track your progress
  • Post your progress to Facebook and Twitter
  • Track your BMI, metabolic rate and other health indicators
  • Adjustable audible pacer click allows you to set the pace that works for you compatible with OS 3.1.2 or later

Made for iPod / Works with iPhone

* Please check with your physician before starting any exercise program.